I'm currently a second year graduate student at the MIT Media Lab working within the Information Ecology research group.

Before joining to the Media Lab, I worked as a software developer for British Telecomm research and development. Prior to this I was a research assistant at Cardiff University working on the EU SocialNets Project.

I received my undergraduate degree in Computer Science with Distributed & Mobile Systems from Cardiff University in 2010. My thesis advisor was Dr Stuart Allen, and my thesis title was "Distributed Mobile Communication via a Cell Based Bluetooth Infrastructure: Context Aware Development Platform".


MIT Media Lab

Information Ecology / 2011-Present / Faculty Advisor: Henry Holtzman

Cardiff University

Computer Science & Informatics / 2007-2010 / Faculty Advisor: Stuart Allen


2.00b: Toy Product Design - Teaching Assistant
MAS863: How to Make (Almost) Anything - Teaching Assistant


MIT Media Lab

Fall 2012
MAS834: Tangible Interfaces
MAS940: Thesis Preparation
6.869: Advances In Computer Vision

Spring 2012
MAS836: Sensor Technology For Interactive Environments
MAS571: Social TV

Fall 2011
MAS630: Affective Computing
MAS863: How to Make (Almost) Anything

Cardiff University

Spring 2010
CM0356: Distributed Systems Technologies
CM0373: Mobile Communications and Meta Heuristics
CM0381: Information Assurance
CM0390: Computer Forensics

Fall 2009
CM0301: Database Management
CM0335: Advanced Database Topics
CM0342: Information Systems Management
CM0343: Individual Project

Spring 2009
CM0206: Software Engineering
CM0233: Human Computer Interaction
CM0239: Database Systems
CM0240: Systems Design & Group Project
CM0256: Pervasive Computing

Fall 2008
CM0212: Algorithms II & Data Structures
CM0255: Networks And Data Communications
CM0266: Discrete Mathematics II
CM0247: Application Building with Java
CM0222: Object-Oriented Methods

Spring 2008
CM0137: Systems Modeling
CM0145: Operating Systems
CM0192: Computer Mathematics II
CM0151: Fundamentals of Information Systems
CM0166: Discrete Mathematics I
CM0167: Mathematics for Computer Science

Fall 2007
CM0108: Computer Fundamentals
CM0112: Programming Project
CM0123: Java
CM0124: Java II and Algorithms I
CM0128: Communication Skills & Project Management
CM0133 Internet Computing


Ducao, A. Ni, Y. Hemsley, R., and Holtzman, H. (2013). WeatherPlay: A Social Exploration of Weather, Climate, and Travel TV. 2013 IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC), Las Vegas, USA.

Hemsley, R., Toledano, E., Ducao, A., and Holtzman, H. (2013). ContextController: Augmenting Broadcast TV with Real-Time Contextual Information. 2013 IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC), Las Vegas, USA.

Tseng, T., Hemsley, R., and Resnick, M. (2012). Replay: A self-documenting construction kit. In Proceedings of IDC, Bremen, Germany.


Microsoft Mobile Code Jam

Science Engineering & Technology

Cisco Systems Innovation Award

Microsoft Embedded Spark

Misys Scholarship

Logica Award