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This project is formed of a simple website designed to give the bare minimum of information regarding a tasks completion. The site allows users to generate a unique token for a task which can then be sent to all those who have an interest in its progress. On viewing this specific address the user is presented with a single word regarding the state of completion. This can then be updated by the task holder ensuring all parties are informed and preventing them having to be repeatedly asked.

The site is designed to give as little detail on the context of the task being undertaken and only answer the single question of if the task is actually complete. Many reminder services and calendaring websites provide a multitude of options and features relating to informing users of project completion and often don't allow you to quickly answer this question. It intentionally gives no reference or context to the project being monitored and so forces the user to learn the relationship with each task or associate it with other external information.

The site contains a simple HTML form that allows the user to generate a unique code for their intended task. This is achieved by calling a php script that generates a new record within a mysql database incrementing the unique id with each call. This unique reference is then used whenever the status of the task is required. To retrieve the status the id code is passed within the URL through a standard HTTP GET command. This is then read by the corresponding script which gathers the data associated within the database. To allow users to adjust their message a combination of the record timestamp and the unique id are combined to create an update code. If this is passed to the script the update display is shown as above allowing the displayed message to be changed. Any message can be entered or a predefined one chosen from a level between 1 and 10.

Due to the simplicity and purpose of the site not to provide more information then to answer if the task is complete there is very few proposed extensions. A custom description of the task being monitored could be added which would by default not be immediately visible but could be revealed to help refresh the users association with the site.

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